What is a Winning Belief System?

By Darlene G. Snyder (find me on facebook)


Today I attended the Get Motivated  business seminar in Lexington Kentucky.  Peter and Tamera Lowe have been producing these seminars for over twenty-five years.  I must say that this was one of – if not the best seminar I’ve ever attended.  Big name presenters were scheduled to speak – among those, General Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar (he didn’t make it due to a recent surgery), Robert Schuller and Rich Brooks (UK Football coach).

I’ve attended many work related workshops and seminars over the past thirty years or more.  Never have I witnessed the producer walking on the stage to give what ultimatly was his testimony of accepting Christ as his personal Savior. More importantly, giving a step by step plan of how anyone in attendance could also come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.  What a pleasant surprise!

I couldn’t help wonder how many of the approximately eight thousand or so people present would be there had they known the gospel would be presented.  I also wondered how many people received words of hope and encouragement in a time when they needed it most, and how many people will spend an eternity in heaven because of Peter Lowe’s influential words.

Peter Lowe further expanded on how our breathing pattern determines how we feel and how laughter relaxes the diaphragm and forces us to breathe.  How our eye pattern – looking up vs. looking down and faith vs. fear are all keys to breakthrough in accelerating our business and personal success.

Since I am a writer, anything mentioned regarding words attracts my attention.  Mr Lowe explains that our minds are controlled by the words we speak.  He reminded the seminar attendees that Napoleon said, “We rule the world by our words.” If we want to change our future, we must first change our words.  How simple yet profoundly true. Has there been any among us who haven’t been injured by words spoken by others?  At the same time, has there been any among us who haven’t injured someone else with words we ourselves unkindly uttered?

Mr. Lowe was not the only one who made reference to Jesus and how having spiritual beliefs can help in business.  As days go by, I will give additional highlights of the seminar and share more about this highly motivational production.


Today at Church

I know why we go to church.  I also know when a preacher is presenting his oracle that I should listen, pay close attention and maybe even take some notes.  This is especially true when there is a visiting evagelist giving an interesting and motivational sermon. I’ve always supported local pastor’s.  If this is true then why did I allow such a little thing to distract me? I mean my son is a pastor for goodness sake.

This morning was the first day of our revival.  Revivals have long been a tradition in local Baptist churches.  While we don’t have them as often and for as long as those of days past, our church still plays host to them.

The evangelist had a good strong voice, was young enough and had the ability to gain and keep my attention. Everything was going just fine until I noticed a small detail.  Evidently the evangelist had on a brand new suit.  It was a grey color and looked to be light weight. Like a summer suit.  Five minutes into the sermon, he raised his arms to make a point.  That’s when I saw the little white price tag dangling from his underarm.  Everything else the man said was lost to that little white tag.

I couldn’t stop looking for the tag.  When his arm was down, I stared – waiting for him to move so I could see the tag.  I visualized walking down the aisle, walking up to this man, picking up his left arm and yanking off the tag.

When services was over, I didn’t go through the line to shake his hand.  It would be embarrassing if I couldn’t have restrained myself. I mean, I was afraid I’d go for the tag!

Isn’t it awful what little things distract Christians?

Since my son is a pastor, my first thought is how I would feel had it been he who had the dangly tag while preaching.  As a mother, I’d be embarrassed for him and maybe sitting there trying to give him a signal of some sort.  Can’t you just see it?  Maybe I’d point to my underarm and then nod toward his. Or maybe I would give him one of those mother signals.  You know -with my eyes.  He’d know something was up and maybe he would mess up his sermon.  That wouldn’t be good.

Tonight when I went back to church, there were no distractions.  The evangelist did a great job and I feel much better about myself.

I’m a new grandmother!

I’ve heard for at least the last nine months and maybe longer how great it is to be a grandparent.  In fact it had become just a little annoying to hear grandparents talking about how great it is and about how there is nothing like it. I love children – had one of my own for goodness sake, but all of these well meaning people bragged so much I thought them to be a bit ridiculous.  Well, I guess now I am one of those well meaning, ridiculous people.

My first grandchild was born April 09, 2008.  He has to be the cutest child ever born.  His first name is Braxton with Cole as his middle name.  I love his name. His big blue eyes are open a lot.  I think that is a sign of how curious he is going to be.  He already is the smartest thing…he looks around, can hold his head up a little and that cry of his is precious!  Ya, I know, all that sounds just like all grandparents, but I can’t help it.  There’s just nothing like being a grandmother!