Worriers vs. Warriors

By Darlene G. Snyder (find me on facebook)


It seems with the economy the way it is and our world in a  topsy turvy everywhere we look, many Christians have become worriers instead of warriors.  

I know first hand what worry and stress can do to a person.  My husband allowed the stresses and worries of his job to cause him physical illness.  It began with colitis, moved on to ulcerative colitis, which eventually destroyed his colon. He underwent an intense surgical procedure, spent about forty-five days in the hospital the year the doctors totally removed his colon. He now faces a whole array of medical problems. Stress and worry caused the initial attack of colitis.


I’ve battled the worry issue for years. The worst was when my son became a licensed driver. Allowing him to drive away alone in a car without my protection about sent me over the edge. If he came home late, I was spastic until I heard him come in the door. I know personally that a person can survive on very little sleep, because my eyes never closed until he was safe in his bed.


With age comes a little wisdom. I’ve learned a few things about worry and how to handle what life throws at me a little better. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned, then maybe, I’ll print a copy and post it somewhere as a reminder.


  • We must first realize that no amount of worry will make the situation better.
  • When we are besieged with anxiety, we should release it to God and trust Him.
  • Find something to do in place of fretting. The cleanest my house ever gets is when I have a worry issue. Recently while my grown son was in the emergency room being diagnosed with pneumonia, I babysat my grandson, made homemade chicken soup, cleaned the kitchen and went to the grocery to avoid worrying and over reacting.
  • Talk to yourself. I know this advice sounds crazy, but try it anyway. Tell yourself that there’s no need to worry, that everything will turn out alright. Talk yourself down out of that worry tree.
  • Talk it out with a friend. Sometimes we need people in our lives to listen to us and to offer words of encouragement. Many times when I’ve had issues bearing down upon me and I couldn’t find hope in the situation. I’m thankful for friends who listened and gently guided me out of my anxiety.
  • Search the Bible for comfort. Look for verses that will speak to your particular circumstance. Read through devotionals and other books for encouraging words.
  • Avoid the what ifs. Just don’t go there. What ifs aren’t usually realistic and only serves to stress us further.
  • Pray. There’s a slogan that says When all else fails, pray. I say Pray before all else fails. Place Prayer at the top of the list and spend time with God. He’s there to listen and offer comfort if we allow Him to do so. If you do this one thing, there may be no need for all the rest of the tips.

I have an Internet friend (http://divacelebration.ning.com/profile/JeanAnnDuckworth) who once told me that when she has problems or concerns she imagines the worry being placed in a box, wrapped tightly and presented to God as a gift. She sees Him opening the gift and saying,  “Thanks, this is just what I wanted.” I think that is such a beautiful picture of what God wants us to do with our worries and anxieties.

If you are fretting and worrying over something, maybe you should try wrapping it up and offering it as a gift to God.


The Dating Game

By Darlene G. Snyder (find me on facebook)


A few days ago, three of my co-workers and I went to O’Charley’s for lunch. As with most women our conversation went from one thing to the next. The subject of dating came up and we took turns telling our dating stories.


There were a few interesting moments in our conversation and one of my co-workers admitted to “stalking the hockey team”. She further explained that she loved the hockey team whose home was in Lexington Kentucky. I believe they were called the Kentucky Thoroughblades. She went to a lot of their games and new the names of all the players.


Another co-worker admitted she dated (behind mom and dad’s back) an older fellow. That didn’t last long and when her now husband came calling, she wasn’t interested at first. He had to woo her! Needless to say, he eventually won her heart.


The third co-worker was a little more evasive, but did share about a time when she was visiting family in Michigan, she and a friend of her cousins got together, took a walk to another friends house and stayed until 2:00 a.m. Time had gotten away from them and when she discovered how late it was, she just knew her father was going to kill her. She and this boy started walking back to where she and her family were staying. That’s when she saw her father who was out driving around looking for her. He was so relieved to see her that he believed her about the time getting away from them that she didn’t get into trouble.


My dating story was about the time when I was sixteen and not allowed to date. I visited my cousin in Poosey Ridge who was allowed to have boys over. Mike, my now husband and his friend Jerry came over (without my mom and dad’s knowledge)  and we sat on the front porch talking. Well, eventually the dating on the porch progressed to sitting in the porch swing holding hands and kissing, and kissing and kissing until my lips were blue and sore!  


All these dating stories reminded me of my mother-in-law and father-in-law’s story. A few years before they died, we celebrated their 50th

wedding anniversary and I wrote their love story, made little booklets and gave them out at the celebration. The following is a portion of what I learned about their dating experience.


Glenmore’s mode of transportation was riding a horse to Betty’s house. That wasn’t unusual for that time period, but what I found most interesting was once he arrived, Betty’s brother, Jr. jumped on Glenmore’s horse to ride it to see his girlfriend Doris. Doris’ brother whose name was Forrest then jumped on the horse and rode it on down the road to see his girl; when time came for the dates to be over, Forrest rode back home where Jr. was waiting to take control of the horse. He rode it back to his house where Glenmore was waiting.


If you think you are confused, imagine the poor horse.


My mom and dad met through mutual friends and double dated with them. Mom says they rode around in their car singing with the songs on the radio. My aunt Kathleen met her future husband at the ice plant. The ice plant was a popular place where they held country music singings. She said when she first met him she wasn’t interested in him at all, but he kept coming around and eventually she fell for him


Ok, that’s all the dating stories I have. Wanna share your story? Post a comment here.

Cookbooks For Sale

By Darlene G. Snyder (find me on facebook)

Hello guys,

I just wanted to let you know that my co-workers and I just published our first ever cookbook.

We titled it Sensational Fare. It is a collection of more than  sixty recipes that we’ve shared with one another over the years at potlucks and other lunch and dinner type settings. Our scraps of papers  with the various recipes scribbled on them were worn and hard to locate when we would need them  so we decided to put them together into a book. We are proud of our book and wanted to make our collection available to you.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy for yourself, just go to my website www.darlenesnyder.com and order your copy(s).  They are $8.00 each and you can pay through pay pal.  If you order in the month of February, I will waive postage and handling.

Hurry and order a copy today.

If you reside in our area, contact me by email and I’ll provide details about how you can pick a copy up in person.


By Darlene G. Snyder (find me on facebook)
Snow Covered Hills of Kentucky

Snow Covered Hills of Kentucky

The rusted out Coca Cola sign that used to hang at the filling station up the road was the perfect sled for our winter fun. My siblings, cousins and friends gathered behind the barn and took turns jumping onto the upside down sign. When turned upside down, the ends ran upwards making a lip just enough to keep the snow from coming inside the ready-made sled. Usually there was room enough for two or maybe three of us pile onto that sign. We’d squeal (the girls) and laugh all the way down.

The bottom of the hill often found us toppled into a heap. We’ve used other makeshift sleds such as cardboard, garbage can lids, and anything found around the house or barn that we could get to slide on the snow. Back inside, we trekked snow all over the house, drank hot chocolate and told mom all about our escapades. Usually the boys were happy to see us girls go inside so they could continue the sledding without us.

Later in the day, we would talk mom or dad into making snow cream. We’d take a large pan or container outside, look for clean snow and scoop the container full. Mom added milk sugar and chocolate to the snow. Yum, there was no better treat than snow cream. Not too many years ago, my brother-in-law hooked a feeding trough to a tractor to use a sled. A whole gang of us piled into the metal trough while he drove the tractor through the snow, I don’t know how safe it was, but we saw no danger.

What are some of your snow or sledding memories?

What ingenious things did you do or discover in order to go sledding?

Share your memories here.