Still in Love After Seventy Years of Marriage

The gravels crunched beneath my tires as I drove my automobile up the inclined  driveway.  Bits of grass grew wildly between some of the rocks.  After parking, I took a moment to view the house I was about to enter. 

 The two story older home looked like it had new siding – a pale yellow color.  The front held two porch swings –one on each end of the concreted covered entrance. The lawn neatly mowed looked inviting. The trees in the front looked as if they were coaxing me to pull up a lawn chair and sit beneath them on this warm summer day, I immediately thought of my childhood home. 

As a writer, this was my first time of interviewing people for something other than memory writing. Although I was a little nervous, knowing the couple I was about to interview for an article that I was writing, kept most of the butterflies at bay.

 After walking the path to the front door, I banged loudly on the door to attract the attention of the older couple I was visiting.  They were expecting me.  I could hear the television – even with the front door closed.  I knew Cecil wore a hearing aide.  Many times sitting a few pews back from them at church, I’d hear his hearing aide buzzing because he had it turned up too loud.

 Sally ambled to the door and after opening it, she invited me in, greeting me with a huge smile. After instructing Cecil to turn off the TV so that they could hear me, Sally offered me a seat.

 The floral sofa did not match the floral chair.  Most of the furniture was mixed matched.  Photographs of their son, grandchildren, great and great great grandchildren lined the walls, shelves and tables. The hardwood floors held a variety of throw rugs.  I noticed white country style curtains hanging on the windows in the family room and the kitchen.  I wasn’t sure about the curtains in the rest of the house since I hadn’t seen it yet. I did notice the beautiful antiques, furniture and glassware. 

I began my interview, starting with how long they had been married, (seventy years) to what times were like when they first married. I soon realized this wasn’t going to be a typical interview.  I had to yell my questions, and they answered what they thought the questions were, most answers didn’t have anything to do with what I’d just asked.

 These people were about the sweetest married couple I’d seen in a long while. The way they answered the questions together or looking at each other and their mannerism was refreshing. The couple brought back my faith in the institution of marriage. Although my intention was only to interview  women, they were so tightly joined that it would’ve been almost impossible to just interview one of them.

They told me things like, we’ve never gone to bed angry with each other, never had a fight so big that divorce was contemplated, always worked hard and made decisions together. Cecil proudly says they’ve never purchased anything they couldn’t pay for in cash. They don’t use credit cards and don’t live above thier means.

Sally and Cecil say that their faith in Jesus Christ is what has sustained them through their marriage and just recently through the loss of their adult son.

Cecil and Sally attend church regurlary every Sunday and requires no special accomendations such as handicap parking and wouldn’t hear of being treated any differently than every other church member.

When I grow up, when I’ve been married seventy years, I hope to be as happy as Cecil and Sally are in life.


Mistaken Identity – A Vacation Memory

By: Darlene G. Snyder

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The trip to Virgina Beach a few years ago was long and endless, but we arrived safely. I wasn’t happy about driving underwater via the tunnels as I am a big chicken about many things with water, bridges and tunnels near the top of the list.  The week with the family at the beach went well enough with no major catastrophes or problems.  I refused to go over the Chesapeak Bay Bridge, but after leaving wished I hadn’t been such a spoil sport. I always seem to have unreasonable excuses for not doing something then later wishing that I had done whatever it was that I didn’t do. Make sense?

Anyway, before leaving for home, we strolled through some of the shops looking for souvenirs. I purchased two Virginia Beach tee-shirts and a few other cheap key rings and such. Once it was time for us to return home, I decided to wear one of the shirts. I especially liked the color of one in particular and I also liked the style. Very Cute, I thought as I finished dressing.

The traffic was especially horrendous, but to keep from having to drive through the underwater tunnels, I let my son drive. I sat in the backseat and complained about his driving, but I definitely didn’t want to take over and drive myself.  After we’d made it through the worst of the traffic, we decided to stop and take a break.

While sitting in a McDonald’s, my son started laughing. “What is it?” I asked. He barely could get the words out through his laughter, but he said, “Did you intentionally buy a tee-shirt with a Playboy bunny logo on it? I gasped and looked down to see what he was talking about. He was right. The tee-shirt I was wearing had the Playboy bunny ears plastered prominently on the front. How I missed seeing them, I’ll never know.

All of us had a good laugh at my mistake. I went to the bathroom and turned my shirt inside out to hide the bunny ears. What we laughed about the most was how that we had gotten out of my SUV that has the Christian logo on the back, sat at the table and prayed before our meal and all the while I sat there wearing my Playboy tee-shirt.

I burned the shirt when I got home. Some thought I should save it and at least wear it to bed sometime, but I think I’d be too embarrassed. What if something happened in the middle of the night and I had to go to the hospital wearing that shirt?

I’ll be more careful in the future when I purchase vacation paraphernalia.