That Rainy Day Feeling Again

Ollie’s Grand Opening promised lot’s of low priced items for sale. Mike and I decided to take a drive to the new discount store in Richmond to search for bargains. After spending about thirty minutes in the store, we had found a few things and was on our way out. 

When we first arrived and exited our parked vehicle, I mentioned that I was leaving my rain coat in the truck, and asked if Mike would come after the truck and pick me up if it was raining when we came out. I didn’t want to get wet and the ominous looking sky threatened a good soaking. Mike assured me that he would indeed pick me up in front of the store.

Sure enough, Mike being the gentleman that he is, kept his word and left me in front of the store to go get the truck. It was raining a slow gentle rain.  Suddenly the sky opened up and rain poured out on the earth much like a firefighter “pouring” water on a fire – with the same kind of force. 

Now here comes the “life is never dull for me kind of moment.” Mike pulled up to the front of the store – without an awning, mind you, and kept his nice dry butt planted in the driver’s seat, while I stood waiting for him to get out and help me unload the cart. I assumed he would unload it after quickly ushering me into the truck – out of the pouring rain. But, no he didn’t. instead he sat there while the rain beat down upon me, soaking me and my clothes. When I finally understood that he wasn’t moving – the man would not even make eye contact with me, I did grab a plastic bag and pulled it over my head like a scarf. At least my hair was dry!

After I finally was sitting in the front passenger seat, I calmly called him some not so very nice names! Being the Christian that I am, I only used words like; jerk and crazy. We really had a good laugh and in his defense, he kept saying, “I went after the truck for you.” He really didn’t realize that I was getting as soaked as much as I did.

Life is never dull for me.