What to Do When We Don’t Know What to Do

Notes adapted from sermon I heard tonight by Dr Ben Pierce

Darlene G. Snyder
Job 2
Job was Perfect/upright/feared God
In a short period of time he lost everything…servants, 10 children, barns…everything…his family, his possessions and his health.
Friends stared at him…accused him of sin in his life…lost support from his closest companion- his wife. She wanted him to curse God and die.
We all have been in a situation where we didn’t know what to do. Maybe family, or seeking God’s will in something.  
Job couldn’t do anything about his situation. Couldn’t bring his family back. 
There are things beyond our control.  
Job went to the Lord and said to Him that he didn’t know what to do.  
God permitted it. He didn’t make it happen….He knows all.
Don’t think because you are in a bad situation…that God is punishing you. He allows you to learn a lesson…He has a greater purpose…he permitted it and used it to allow Job to grow…to use him for a greater purpose…teach, train…trials for your faith to grow.  
You can be in the perfect will of God and still go through trials. Jesus went through trials, pain and suffering.
It is when we are in our valleys that God speaks to us. He becomes more real to us. Our faith grows. We learn about prayer when we are in the valley.
God will use situations – when we won’t know what to do…So that we will look to Him…to long for Him…to talk to Him. We can endure. He is trying to tell us something. Wants to speak to our hearts. God can figure it out…He has the answer.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord…that’s what Job said when he didn’t know what else to say.
When you don’t know what to do… 3 things…
#1 Wait…just wait. We get in trouble when we don’t know what to do, but we take action anyway. We make the wrong move, the wrong decision. No move is better than the wrong move. God’s timing is best. Sometimes waiting feels like eternity. Isaiah 40:31
#2. Watch…be on guard. Watch and pray so as to not give in to temptation. Satan tried to get Job to sin. Sometimes people turn from God in tragedies. But Job, as temped as he was…still held on to his faith in God. Watch for satan’s fiery darts. Watch don’t react. Don’t blame God…watch what we; say, think, feel, and where we go…be careful what we do. Don’t blame God for everything wrong in your life. Jesus never fails us. Jesus is our friend.
#3 Worship. To think that all that Job went on through…he still worshipped God. Can you imagine praising God after losing a child? Finances? Family and friends? Everything? Job worshipped God. Why do we quit going to church when things go wrong? Who do you think wants you to stop worshipping God? God? NO! Satan is happy when you don’t fall in your knees before God. Job knew there still was a God in heaven and on His throne.
Get closer to God in whatever circumstances you find yourself in. Nothing should come between you and God.  
God blessed Job for all he had gone through. Blessed him twice as much as he had in the beginning.

Job 42:7

Job 42:12
It’s not over yet. Be faithful.


Word Power

Sometimes I forget about the Power of Words.

Has anyone ever said something hurtful to you? If you are like most, you probably remember not only the words, but you remember the hurt. If you think about it, you can still feel that – that knot in your stomach, or the stinging tears falling uncontrollably from your eyes. You probably hear the words swirling in your head, cutting through your memory like a knife.

We need to treat others with kindness and respect. Words you don’t have to use them negatively. Get this, words can be used to transform, edify, encourage, build up and change people’s lives in  positive ways.

If I had a magic wand, one thing I would wave away with the slight of my hand would be negativity.

I urge you to try using positive words this week. Encourage someone with your speech, you might want to use the unspoken positive word, you know,  the smile.

Let me know how it turns out. How it made you feel and the impact you had on the people around you.

Kirksville Kentucky – One Great Place

By: Darlene G. Snyder

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I completed my book on the Kirksville Community and now I wait patiently for the publisher to complete the printing process. For information on how to get your copy of the book, you can go to my website. It is www.darlenesnyder.com

I want to share some details about our community to just wet your appetite for some great reading. I can say that because I’ve invested a whole lot of time into the book as well as had several readers to critique and offer creative solutions for my areas of weakness. The final product will be awesome, if I must say so myself.


  • Mrs. Croucher, as well as others with whom I spoke, told me that revivals were always held for two weeks at a time. There was usually more than one revival per year. When revivals were held, nothing interfered with the services. For instance, there were two services, one in the mornings and one in the evening. If the men were working in the fields, they would leave the fields; go to church just as they were–work clothes and all. They would go home after services, eat, and go back to work. They would always stop working in the evenings in time to go to the services.  Dorothy Spurlock, another veteran member, remembers when there were no screens in the window of the Sanctuary. People would come to services, revival and Sunday services alike, and would stand outside of the windows and listen to the preaching and singing.
  • “Kirksville is unique among thousands of similar villas, especially in the succession of individualistic characters who have trod these hills and rills for near two centuries. The essence of history must be the personalities around whom it revolved and evolved.” Eugene Spurlock Jr
  • My grandmother shopped and traded in one of the stores located in Kirksville during the 1930’s and 1940’s.  She’d take hens, eggs, and cream to trade for coffee, flour and sugar.My grandfather raised meat hogs, usually twelve or thirteen each year. They cooked lard from the hog fat to use at home, sold the hams, and kept the shoulder and jowl meat for themselves.After raising over two-hundred pounds of corn, they’d take it to Lige Tussey’s mill in Kirksville to be ground as meal. He would keep half the meal for grinding the corn.A man that my father referred to as “Butterhead Tussey” owned a cream station.  Mr. Tussey’s wife, Florence didn’t have any way of testing to see if the cream was sweet or sour except to dip her finger in the barrels of cream and then lick them. If it were the sweet cream, which was sold to make butter, they’d receive more money for it. My grandmother made homemade cottage cheese from some of the cream.  She skimmed the cream off the milk, let it clabber then boiled it.
  • Each year on the fourth Saturday of September, the Kirksville community comes together for a day of celebration. Venders set booths up along the main road of the Kirksville community as well as in front of the community center located in the former school. People from all around the County travel here to enjoy a breakfast of homemade biscuits, gravy and ham that  the masons and lodge members cooked.  Early in the morning of Kirksville Day while most are still in their warm beds, the cooks arrive and spend several hours getting the grub together. On those early mornings when I walk out my front door, the smell of country ham as it cooks assaults me. The delicious odor hovers over the area like a cloud.  It isn’t until I follow the smell in my trance like state and order a plate of food that spell is broken.  This breakfast is a fundraiser for the lodge to help them in their community activities. It is a fun time of fellowship and it gives us an opportunity to spend a brief few minutes talking with friends and family that have gathered.
  • There is an ancient Indian Burial Mound in our area. Pictures are included in the book.

Don’t forget to check my website www.darlenesnyder.com for information on getting your copy of my book, Casting bread Upon the Water

Something Wonderful For Women

By: Darlene G. Snyder

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I have a new blog that I’m excited about. It doesn’t replace this one, it is in addition to this blog.  The blog title is Inspiring The Pastor’s Wife. And as the name suggest it is for the pastor’s wife and for women in the ministry.

Please check the blog out and let me know what you think.  Here’s the link



I’m excited about a line of books that I’ve discovered. In fact, I plan to submit a book to the publisher for consideration for inclusion in the line of books.  In a few days I will post a review of one of the books. They are very cost friendly – very affordable  and very compact.

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Outhouse at the Church House and Other Memories

 By Darlene G. Snyder (find me on facebook)



Last summer, Mike and I were riding our motorcycle in the Jackson County area of Kentucky. We rode past a small country church and I spotted an outhouse standing stalwartly to the side of the church as if waiting for the next visitor. I had to take a photograph of this lonely looking, tall and skinny rectangular box that reminded me instantly of my childhood.


Our church had two of those boxes that sometimes are referred to as an outside toilet or an outhouse. Our outhouses were situated behind the church – I think one was for men and one was for the women.


I will presume that we all know what the real purpose of the outhouses was, but it had another purpose. Mothers with a misbehaving child in church would often take the child to the outhouse to administer justice to the child for their behavior.


I never made it to the outhouse for that purpose. It wasn’t because I didn’t misbehave. My mother had other forms of discipline for my siblings and me on days when we acted up in church. She would wait until we returned home and then tell my father all about how we misbehaved. Daddy, who didn’t attend church with us during this time, would have my siblings and I line up and take our turn at being bent over his knees while he striped our bottoms with a few whacks of his belt. This happened each week, Sunday after Sunday – or so it seemed. It’s a wonder that any of us continued to attend church after we grew-up. I mean, the price we had to pay each week seemed enormous to me.


The outhouse behind my childhood home was also used for other things. I recall times when my siblings, cousins and I would play hide-n’-go-seek and inevitably one of us could be found hiding in the outhouse. I also recall stacking boxes, buckets and other stuff on the side of the outhouse, climbing up and sitting on its flat roof.  


I couldn’t help noticing that some people had nicer looking outhouses than ours. I mean, some were painted, neat and clean. Ours were always built using old barn wood and was a very uncomfortable, but necessary piece of real estate. I don’t recall our outhouse ever being painted or prettied up.


Later, when Mike and I married we purchased a very small house with a barn and a couple of acres to go along with it. The house didn’t have a bathroom, but it did have an outhouse. My sister who was just a year younger visited often. We were very close and she was dissatisfied living at home after I moved out. When it came time to take care of business after dark, my husband would have to walk the two of us outside – we were too afraid to go out alone. We had to make sure our need to take care of business came at the same time.


These are just a few of my outhouse memories, maybe you have some outhouse memories you’d like to share.  If so, post them here in the comment section.

Prayer Habits

I need your help.

I’m working on a book about prayer.  To help me understand where I should focus some of my attention, I need to hear from you.  I’m posting some questions here and would like for you to answer them as honestly as possible.  If you are comfortable with answering them within the comment section that will be fine, but copy/pasting the questions with your answers into an email will work also.  darlenesnyder@bellsouth.net I just want to hear from as many of you as possible. Please be as honest as possible.  All of us have bad habits and find it diffcult to pray at some time or the other.

Let’s get started.  Here are the questions:


 Are you a Christian?


Do you attend church?


How often do you pray?


What are some things you pray about?


Do your pray through-out the day/night?


Do you ever bow down onto your knees and pray?              

If yes, where and when do you do this? 

How often?


Do you find that when you pray, your mind drifts?

How does this make you feel?

What are some things you could do to keep this from happening?


Do you pray while at church?     If so, how often?              


Has God spoken to you through prayer?



How often do you pray for people other than your family?


Do you have a daily prayer routine?


What do you believe you can do to improve your prayer life?


If there were a proven technique that would improve your prayer life, would you want to know about it?


Share an instance when you know without a doubt God answered a prayer that you prayed.


List what you consider to be your good prayer habits and your bad.


Add any other information regarding prayer that you want to share.



How can I Pray For You?


Gated Community
Gated Community

Just thought I’d inform my readers that I have placed myself on a thirty-day prayer challenge.   I feel that my prayers have been mostly self-centered.  It’s my guess that most of us who pray on a regular basis have a difficult time not focusing our prayers on our own needs and desires. The prayers I sent up were mostly about my family, my life, my needs, my job, my… See what I mean?

 Sure, if prompted, I’d pray a quick prayer for others and if I remembered the requests given in church, I’d include them in the middle of the me prayers. But, I’ve never had a personal prayer list or prayer journal or spent much of my time praying for others.  I’ve decided it was time to change my ways.

 So, I now have a prayer journal.  Each day I ask at least one person this question, “How can I pray for you?”

So far, in just a few short days, I have twenty people on my list.  I have specific requests written down by each name and I set aside time nightly to pray for only those people on my list.  I tell individuals that I will keep praying for them and their concerns for thirty days. The amazing thing is I am already marking names off my list because prayers have been answered.  I’m asking some family, some friends and some co-workers.  My list represents a variety of people and needs.

 Tonight, I thought I’d ask my readers, How can I pray for you?

If you have a prayer concern or a need in your life that you want me to help you pray about, leave a comment here. Please be specific on how you want me to pray.  If you prefer to keep your request confidential, email me.  Follow the link to my website-click on my contact page if you do not know my email address.

 I assure you that if you contact me, I will pray for you and your request for thirty-days.  If you ask me to pray for you then I request that when the prayer is answered you let me know so that I can focus more of my time on the other requests.

 Waiting to hear from you.