The Rain is Over in Madison County Kentucky!

The Rain is Over in Madison County Kentucky!

My hubby and I drove the Hummer down to the Valley View Ferry this morning. For the first part of our morning, we still had some rain sprinkling down, but the sun came out and ran them away.  We took several photos of the high waters, but luckily and thankfully, we didn’t see any flooded areas. 


I’ve’ posted the photos to Facebook. Follow the link above to Facebook and check out the pictures.


A Chilly, But Beautiful Motorcycle Ride

By: Darlene G. Snyder

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Our Sunday motorcycle trip took us to Estill, Lee, Owsley, Clay and Jackson Counties. We saw the changing colors of the trees as they stood along side fall flowers blooming as if they had all the time in the world. The ride was enjoyable for the most part. It changed from enjoyable to chilly after we stopped at a Dairy Queen and I made the mistake of drinking a COLD soft drink. To make matters worse, the weak side of me chose to eat a chocolate dipped ICE cream cone.  I spent the remainder of the trip shivering; luckily, we were only twenty minutes from home.

Monday afternoon’s ride took us to Poosey Ridge and to the Kentucky River – one of our favorite places to ride to in our area. The view of the shadowing on the river in the late evening is a picture begging to be painted on canvas. Darkness began to cover us on the way home, but I was able to get a few shots of a  beautiful  post sunset.

Here are some of the pictures I took. I hope you enjoy seeing my world -it sure is a beautiful one.



Winter In Kentucky


It is my opinion that Kentucky is the prettiest state in the nation. However, I must admit that it takes some looking to find pretty scenery during the winter months. With an overcast sky, a gloomy day and very little foilage, it takes a stretch of the old imagination to find something worthy of photography.

Mike and I took a trip to Rockcastle County to a birthday party. I decided to take my camera and instructed Mike that he would need to drive slow so that I could take some scenery photos – just in case I saw something that caught my eye. I came back with the same empty memory card that I began with. I just didn’t see anything that I deemed “pretty.” Everything is either brown, gray or colorless. 

We saw cattle knee deep in mud, dirty llamas, horses in a field of brown grass and dogs with dingy white coats. Even the old barns I like to photograph looked drab. I was determined to take at least one winter scene and the photo above is what I decided upon. It is what I see out of  the back window  at our home in Madison County. Our backyard does have a green coat of grass, even though there are some sprigs of brown through it.



I also took this photo of Candi – our dog.  She seems to be enjoying the cool grass beneath her.

 I know when we have snow, I’ll find beauty, but till then I’ll keep looking.

Maybe you can help me. Share your Kentucky winter photos with me and if I like them, I’ll post them here.

I Won a Photography Contest!

1930's tractor
Winning Photo


Another View of the 1930"s tractor

Another View of the 1930's tractor


I entered the Garrard County Farm Bureau Photography Contest and won first place with the above photo.  I submitted it in black and white.  You would have thought I won $500.00 instead of $50.00 from the way I carried on when I received the letter telling me the photo won under the My Favorite Tractor  category.

My sister and I went to the Garrard County Farm Bureau annual meeting, enjoyed a great meal, met some really nice people and was entertained by a youth talent show.  On top of all that, I received a framed version of the photograph along with the $50.00 check. 

I just wanted to show you my winning photograph.  It is pretty cool, if i must say so myself!