It’s Official, I’m a Big Dummy!

I’m not into country music, but I believe there is a line in a country song that sums up my day.  Some days are diamonds, some days are coal. Don’t fuss at me if I got that wrong.

Today was a coal day for me. Not all day, but part of it.

I went to interview someone for a newspaper article.  Almost every question I asked, she answered, yes, no or I don’t know. I wasn’t able to get her to open up very much at all.  Looks like the article will be full of fluff.

Tonight, I began working on the article.  I had a little over 500 words of what I thought was pretty good stuff.  When I completed it, I decided to exit, but quickly changed my mind because I wanted to save it to a jump drive that I didn’t have close by.  When I went to exit I checked “no” because I didn’t want to exit.  What I should have checked was “cancel”.  I lost the file.  I didn’t save it.  What’s worse, I discovered the setting on my computer wasn’t set to “back-up” files.  After chatting with someone online from HP, I was told the file could not be recovered.  Now, ain’t that just grand!

Has anything like that ever happened with you?  The thing is, this isn’t the first time I’ve exited a file without saving it.  You’d think I’d learn my lesson sometime. 

This little incident made me think of other mistakes I’ve made. 

Like, using a head of cabbage to make a salad and not discovering it until my father bellowed out, “Sissy, this ain’t lettuce, it’s cabbage!” That was after he’d poured a heavy dose of french dressing over it.  I believe that was the same day I forgot to drain the water off the cooked macaroni.  I made macaroni and cheese soup. My family didn’t appreciate it at all.  Of course, I was only a teenager and just didn’t know any better.

I’ve driven on the wrong side of the road before also.  I pulled out of a parking lot and turned into oncoming traffic. The worse thing about that incident wasn’t all those cars coming towards me. I mean they were very nice and pulled over to the side of the road so I could get through.  The worse part was my husband was in the car with me, screaming and yelling the whole time. He needs to learn to relax.

Other mistakes came from believing people I trusted.  For instance, a friend (at least I thought she was a friend) at work left a note on my desk.  It read, “A Mr. Lyons called.  He wants you to return his call at…” she left a number I didn’t recognize.  I dialed the number and they answered, “Louisville Zoo, how may I direct your call?” I was dumb enough to ask for Mr Lion at the Louisville Zoo, while my co-workers looked on – laughing all the while.  Oh, did I tell you that it was on an April Fool’s Day?

Fresh out of high school, I worked at American Greeting Card Factory in Danville in the shipping office.  One day I answered the phone.  It was the telelphone Co. stating that there was a problem on the line and if I didn’t mind, would I help them. I quickly agreed. They asked that I “step back three steps and talk into the phone.”  They wanted to check the line.  Eagerly, I stepped back and yelled, (I kid you not) “can you hear me?” I then went back to the phone and asked, “did you hear me?” The man on the other end told me that he did hear me.  He then asked if I would step even farther back and yell into the phone.  I agreed and once, twice and even three times again I yelled, “can you hear me?” into the phone.  I suppose, I’d still be yelling into the phone had I not seen the audience of co-workers, standing outside of my glassed-in office, bent double from laughter.

Trust me, there are many more mistakes, maybe I’ll tell you about them another time.  Anyway, I guess the little incident tonight pales in comparison to all the other mistakes made in my life.

If you have mistakes that you are brave enough to share, post a comment.  Go ahead, I dare you.