What’s on Your 2009 Calendar?

Now is the time to think about goals for the new year and to consider your 2009 calendar. I’d like to offer a few things to think about.

  • Be realistic when setting goals.
  • Don’t overfill the calendar – leave time for spontaneity.
  • Remember -you have a family.
  • When scheduling family activities, check the your church calendar. There might be something already on their schedule  that you wouldn’t want your family to miss.
  • Plan vacations as soon as possible and get it on the your work calendar early to ensure less conflict later.
  • Go ahead, mark off dates and times that are current weekly routines. Examples: soccer practice, civic organization meetings, Wednesday evening prayer services etc.
  • When setting goals, leave weekly markers on your calendar to check your progress.
  • If you already know about an upcoming wedding, anniversary, baby shower etc place those on the calendar asap.
  • If you’ve already signed up to receive electronic bills in your email instead of paper bills in the mailbox, enter the name of the credit card company, utility company or other recipient on the calender under the correct due date. Do this for every month.
  • Consider a book style calendar as back-up to your electronic calendar.  Keep your monthly paper bills with your calendar in order to keep-up with what is due and when it is due.

By working on your 2009 calendar now, when things come to your attention to add to the calendar later, it won’t seem so overwhelming. Besides, you now have a heads up on what your new year is going to look like.


Looking Forward to my Weekend

It is definitely June.  It seems like I am attending a wedding every weekend this month. Last weekend it was my nephew Matthew and Jessica’s wedding.  This weekend my daughter-in-law’s niece, Amy is getting married.


Amy’s wedding is going to be outside at a local country club.  Her reception will be indoors.  I went shopping for something to wear and was determined that I wouldn’t buy a dress.  I wanted a dressy pantsuit – I found one – in black.  I love it and what I really like about it most is that it makes me look a few pounds lighter than I normally look.  That’s a good thing.  The bad thing is, I’m wearing black to a wedding. 


The reason I wanted to wear pants to the wedding, is I am taking my two-month-old grandson and will be watching him.  I want to be comfortable and not in heels.  I’m not comfortable in a dress or heels and I’d be afraid I’d fall. After all, my parents didn’t name me Grace and there was a reason behind that.  Besides, if I’m careful and don’t do anything stupid I likely won’t be noticed andyway.  The bride and her party will be the center of attention.  I plan to just go and blend in with the crowd.  I hope that the black blends in and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.


April is the Matron of Honor and Eric is performing the wedding. I get Braxton all to myself.  Now, that definitely is a good thing.  The rehearsal dinner is tonight.  I’ll be babysitting and I’m liking that idea- this granny stuff is pretty cool!


Mike and I were married in June.  In fact, next Friday we celebrate our thirty-third wedding anniversary.  The last two years we celebrated by taking a ride on our motorcycle to Lancaster’s Burger Barn for one of their famous chuck wagon sandwiches and then ate an ice cream cone.  Do we know how to celebrate or what?


Our wedding, I thought was pretty.  My maid of honor was my sister and I had four or five bridesmaids.  They wore long pastel dresses and floppy hats. The guys wore suits because I don’t think I even knew what a tux was back then. I have lost touch with two of my bridesmaids.  I don’t even remember their last names.  That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?


Now when I look back at my wedding pictures, they look funny.  The hairstyles, the suits, dresses and even the pastels all look antiquated. It seems surreal to look at the pictures and recall those days.  Seems like a whole different world than the one I’m living in now.  I guess it was.


I’m looking forward to my weekend.  This week’s Bible school was fun, but very tiring.  My kids will be spending the night with us tonight.  I see no better way to start the weekend.